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Leitz in the 140th year is a continuously growing and strong group employing a total work force of more than 4,100 to realize a turnover of more than 460 million Euro. Leitz has an annual investment of nearly about 50 million Euro to extend the group through new partners, to strengthen and extend production plants, to invest in new equipment with foresight and to optimize sales and service network in order to be as close to the customer as much as possible. More than 5% of the total turnover is invested into research and development to come up with technological innovations, thus ensuring the world leader status of Leitz.

Despite his foresightedness Albert Leitz could not perhaps have imagined how the workshop he founded in Oberkochen in 1876 would metamorphose into the internationally renowned technology giant of today.

Leitz - Worldwide

Internationality and a worldwide presence are basics of the Leitz philosopy. Due to be next to the customers everywhere in the world markets, Leitz know the specific and local demands and requirements of their customers. Leitz understand the customers problems and help them to find a perfect solution. Fast and reliably.