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Leitz becomes leader of the world market in the wood,plastics & non-ferrous material processing industries and founds a company group specialised in metal processing

The qualified physicist Dr. Dieter Brucklacher had taken over the management in 1975. Under the aegis of Dr. Brucklacher, Leitz expanded in the following quarter of the century to an extent not seen before. The company that had been concentrated in Europe till then "crossed the ocean" and opened a production and sales plant in Brazil in 1979. Leitz again followed the successful strategy of being close to the customers of the woodworking industry. At the beginning of the 80s, the expansion into Great Britain and the USA area followed. Company-owned subsidiaries in Great Britain and the USA were started. Leitz then promoted its products in the large North American market which had an established wood industry consisting of construction parts, windows, doors and furniture industries.

From the early 80s, Leitz built up flexible quick productions in several countries, that were able to put special tools in small batches at the disposal - even far away from Germany. Moreover,from the middle of the decade, Leitz specifically extended its spectrum and its capacities by acquisitions. The smaller tooling company WIGO near Oberkochen was integrated into the company group in 1984. In 1988 Leitz had already taken a step into the growing Asian market with the foundation of a company-owned sales organisation in Japan for the woodworking and plastics processing industries. Later on, subsidiaries in Singapore (1994), Indonesia and Malaysia (1997), China (1998) and India (1999) followed.

It was evident that the development in the field of technology had not stagnated .In 1993, Leitz made use of electronics in a special way: memory chips were added to the machine tools. With this development plants with CNC-machining centres could be economically optimised through the Leitz Tool-Management-System.

Today,after the acquisition of the smaller companies KWO in 1994 and Schumacher in 1998,Leitz is an international company group with a complete product range, an extensive provider of solutions for all tooling applications in the professional woodworking and plastics processing in industry, and since the beginning of 2001,also for the sales organisation ITP (International Tooling Partner) particularly for the trade.